NAEC Intelligent Logistics Solution

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(Summary description)

NAEC Intelligent Logistics Solution

(Summary description)

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Company Position:

Intelligent Logistic Solution

Optimize supply chain and satisfy the customers’ requirements on factory logistic, park logistic and upstream & downstream supply chain through highly integrated automation technology and software

Company Mission:

Implement lean concept, customers’ requirements oriented

Continuously value creating in intelligent supply chain/intelligent logistic field, more flexible, intelligent and efficient.

Company Vision:

Innovative performance, verified by practice

Based on new requirement and technology, promote products innovation and iteration.

To be Chinese benchmark enterprise in worldwide intelligent supply chain/intelligent logistic field.



Industry common difficulties

1.Data is not timely

The data can't be updated in real time due to manual recording of in-and-out-of-warehousing, and there is a big gap between the accounts and the actual situation.

2.High loss

Lack of expiration date management, high warehouse loss

3.High error rate

Manual input-mistakes and omissions often occur, with high error rate, and the review wastes a lot of time and manpower.

4.Isolated information

No communication with supplier and cannot follow up orders in real time, so as to form an Information island.

5.Inventory information is not clear

Enterprises cannot accurately manage the warehouse material inventory, which is easy to increase the waste of resources



NAEC Intelligent Logistics System

The main businesses of NAEC Intelligent Logistics System include warehousing, sorting and transferring business in industrial production logistics and commercial distribution logistics, which is mainly divided to three parts:



Factory Logistic

●AS/RS system     ●Distribution system      ●Transferring system     ●Sorting system ●....




Park Logistic

●In/out park management  ●Warehouse management  ●Platform visualization     ●Park management  ●....





supply chain

●Collaborative procurement  ●Collaborative sales  ●Collaborative production  ●Coordinated transportation  ●…


NAEC Intelligent Logistics Solution




Service field





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