Horizontal Shell Fabrication Solution
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Horizontal Shell Fabrication Solution

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Under offshore fabrication project, there are more complex work-pieces to be fabricated, such as jacket, H-shape steel, pile/rack, pipe spool fabrication. Regarding different work-piece fabrications, NAEC has different solutions.

Since 2006, NAEC has started to develop offshore pile/rack fabrication equipment and technology, and firmly believe that most fabrication work can be completed during workshop, adopt logical fabrication workflow and high efficient logistic system to greatly improve fabrication productivity, further to improve customers' benefit.

Offshore pile/rack work-piece is rolled round by a steel plate in around 3m long. In NAEC design, propose to double joining single 3m shell to 12m shell, then extend to the required length in 12m shell, adopt advanced and high efficient double-wire welding and several-wire welding technology to meet different welding seam requirements, and this proposal design concept has been applied to offshore fabrication base of CNPC successfully.

NAEC offshore pile/rack fabrication solution includes plate cutting, milling, blasting and painting, plate rolling, longitudinal seam welding, joining, pre treatment, circumferential seam welding, fitting up and joining, NDT, and the whole solution is suitable for pipe in 500-5000mm diameter.

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