Changeable Radius Mid-Frequency Induction Preheating System Main character
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Changeable Radius Mid-Frequency Induction Preheating System Main character

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1) Exclusive high efficiency preheating device for shell fabrication;

2) Adopt mid-frequency induction heating principle, exclusively applied on welding seam preheating, thermal insulation, post heating during automatic shell welding, which is an exclusive device to improve shell welding preheating efficiency, guarantee welding quality;

3) Low usage cost: adopt changeable C-type induction heater design, and the heating cable is installed on heater, largely decrease the used quantity of heating cable and usage cost;

4) Lower manpower and time cost: the adopted C-type induction heater design is able to save lots of manpower and time during twisting and dismantling the heating cable on/off shell directly.

5) High safety: all operations are completed on ground, without fire working, which effectively reduces the operation risks;

6) Heating curve whole process digital record: adopt industrial touch screen, display, record and store the 6-route live temperature curve, live store the working condition of equipment. Internal-built with exclusive heating treatment software, allocate USB interface to read and store data;

7) High efficiency heating technology: the adopted mid-frequency induction preheating technology can get 90% thermal energy conversion radio, more power to form system, meet the heating requirement of large-scale horizontal shell welding.

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