High Speed Band Cutting Machine
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High Speed Band Cutting Machine

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The fixed length cutting center of band saw is mainly composed of band saw machine, input roller table, output roller table, fixed length device, hydraulic loading arm, hydraulic blanking arm, raw material frame and transition frame. It can realize the unification of feeding from pipe, automatic conveying, automatic length fixing, high speed cutting, pipe output and automatic blanking. It greatly improves the work efficiency and reduces the labor intensity. The cut pipe is stored on the transition rack, waiting for the processing of the next groove station. The band sawing machine adopts double column structure to ensure the stability and reliability of the machine, adopts advanced hydraulic system control to ensure the smooth and effective sawing, and adopts PLC control for the electrical system of the machine to fully guarantee the performance of the whole machine.

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➤ use hydraulic automatic centering and clamping structure;

➤ high stability guide structure, high efficiency, can complete 24 inch pipe cutting in 5 minutes;

➤ widely used in carbon steel, stainless steel processing;

➤ PLC program control, automatic length, accuracy of ± 1 mm;

➤ equipment specifications: 16 inch, 24 inch, 32 inch, 48 Inch, 60 inch.