High Speed IPC Pipe End Beveling Machine
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High Speed IPC Pipe End Beveling Machine

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Cpbm630 two axis numerical control beveling machine produced by Nanjing Aaec Electric Co., Ltd. is a special pipeline beveling station independently developed and designed by our company based on years of lean production ideas, with the help of accumulated years of production experience of pipeline prefabrication production line and combined with the actual site use of customers. It is mainly composed of beveling machine base, rotary device, pipe clamping device, cooling system, hydraulic system and other modules.

➤ the principle of axial and radial interpolation feed through CNC system, pipe fixed, cutter head rotation, x, Z two axis interpolation feed cutting, a tool can process multi angle, multi form groove, processing flexibility;

➤ narrow cutting width, small cutting force, smooth processing, effectively ensure the smooth finish of pipe groove surface;

➤ narrow cutting face, fast rotation of cutter head and large feed per revolution solve the problem of vibrating cutter, high speed and high feed, greatly improve the efficiency, high machining efficiency, good groove quality, low cost of consumables (blades), high degree of intelligence, easy operation, and strong adaptability of groove form and groove angle;

➤ equipment specification: 24 inches.

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