Double Head Pipe End Beveling Station
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Double Head Pipe End Beveling Station

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Double head high efficiency groove machining center is a special equipment which Nanjing Nace Electric Co., Ltd. has accumulated many years of production experience of pipeline prefabrication production line, and independently developed and designed in combination with the actual on-site use of customers. It is composed of feeding, logistics, high-speed CNC beveling machine, blanking, hydraulic control system, etc. the CNC high-speed beveling machine is combined with the conveying module to complete the beveling processing of carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and other process pipes.

It has the following characteristics:

➤ innovative research and development of pipe both ends simultaneously groove processing technology, greatly improving the efficiency of short pipe groove cutting;

➤ short pipe fittings can be loaded and unloaded separately at both ends of the roller table at the same time, and pipe fittings less than 6m can be processed in both directions at the same time. When machining long pipe fittings, the end of one end groove can be automatically transported to the other end for another side groove;

➤ simplify the program, optimize the human-machine interface, make the programming and operation more simple, can be controlled independently;

➤ through the new groove processing center, the short pipe processing efficiency is doubled.

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