Electric transferring carriage
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Electric transferring carriage

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The pipe spool fabrication conveyor system meets the fabrication of Φ 50-1200mm pipes of different materials (carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, etc.) (including large diameter pipe segments rolled by steel plate); it has the functions of pipe spool transferring logistics, lifting, rotating, turnover, etc.; It can realize the integrated joint operation control of the whole logistics roller and each cutting station; It comprehensively considers the whole logistics roller and each cutting station Coordinated operation, accurate and stable function and production efficiency; combined the optimized scheduling of the whole logistics roller with the storage of each cutting station, which provides multi scheme platform support for pipe spool fabrication. Pipe spool fabrication logistics equipment is composed of logistics transferring module, lifting module, rotating module, automatic turnover module and base module. Combined with automatic transfer and the trinity of ground, space and roller transferring equipment, the product can realize the "streamline" factory type automatic fabrication from pipe spool cutting to welding shaping, greatly improving the efficiency of pipe spool fabrication. It is widely used in petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, electric power, marine, storage and transportation and other national key energy construction fields.

The technology level of pipe spool fabrication logistics equipment is leading in China and advanced in the world. Each station of the fabricated pipe spool logistics production line is equipped with independent research and development of the corresponding advanced equipment, and each station is connected in series with independent research and development of the corresponding pipe spool fabrication logistics equipment, so that the production line can be flexibly arranged according to the pipe spool fabrication function and the actual situation of the plant, so as to improve the fabrication efficiency of the plant unit area and save the prefabrication site by 60%

Main Technical Features

Meet the pipe diameter range: Φ 50-1200mm;

It can meet the requirements of wider pipe spool range , shortest logistics path and faster speed;

According to the standard production capacity of each station, the configuration technology is studied to achieve each system beat balance of the production line and improve the overall efficiency of the production line;

Improve the fabrication efficiency of plant unit area, save more than 60% of fabrication site

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