Pressure head type welding machine
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Pressure head type welding machine

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Product description

The pressure arm welding machine produced by Nanjing NAEC Electric Co., Ltd. is a special equipment combined with years of accumulated production experience of pipeline prefabrication production line and the actual needs of customers. It is mainly used for the welding of medium and large diameter pipe fittings such as carbon steel, alloy steel, low temperature steel, stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, copper nickel alloy, etc.

The pressure arm welding machine is mainly composed of pressure arm pipe automatic welding machine, welding roller mechanism, light steel rail module, welding control system, Miller welding system and electrical control system. It can complete argon arc backing, submerged arc filling and cover automatic welding of straight pipe + straight pipe, straight pipe + flange, straight pipe + elbow and other butt welds.

The pressure arm pipe automatic welding machine can effectively control the eccentric force of eccentric pipe rotation and ensure the stability of the welding process. Workpiece rotation has the functions of pause, forward and reverse rotation, frequency conversion and speed regulation. The welding torch adjusting mechanism can adjust the welding torch up and down, left and right, and angle.

This set of automatic welding equipment adopts imported Miller welding power supply and relevant special supporting equipment, which can realize argon arc and submerged arc welding functions, so as to meet the use requirements of various wall thickness pipes at work site.

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Technical features

➤ suitable for raw materials: carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, etc;

➤ suitable for welding groove types: V-type, double V-type and U-type, etc;

➤ suitable pipe fitting forms: pipe pipe, pipe flange, pipe elbow, pipe reducing, pipe tee, etc. (elbow radius ≤ 1.5D, D is pipe diameter);

➤ applicable pipe length range: automatic welding of single straight pipe with maximum length of 12m;

➤ operation mode: WPS welding procedure control system + remote control manual box dual mode control;

➤ welding system: Miller welding system;

➤ applicable scope of welding process: TIG automatic backing welding; hot wire TIG, saw automatic filling cover welding;

➤ butt joint assembly requirements: groove blunt edge < 1 mm, misalignment ≤ 2 mm, according to the different amount of misalignment, the assembly gap can correspond to 1.5-3.0 mm or 2.0-3.5 mm respectively;

➤ suitable for welding wire diameter: argon arc process of 1.2mm; submerged arc process of 1.6, 2.0, 2.4mm.

Equipment specification

16 inch, 24 inch, 32 inch, 48 Inch, 60 inch.