Single Head Double Driving Type Welding Station
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Single Head Double Driving Type Welding Station

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Nanjing NAEC Electric Co., Ltd. produces a high-efficiency "single head dual drive" welding center, which is a special welding center with independent intellectual property rights based on years of lean production planning, accumulated years of experience in pipeline prefabrication production line and combined with the actual site use of customers.

The center is composed of cantilever welding machine, chuck pipe driver, pressure arm pipe driver, pipe lifting support, guide rail, welding system and electrical control system. The double driving mode of chuck type pipeline driver + lifting support and pressure arm type pipeline driver + lifting support is formed, which effectively avoids the axial movement of pipe in the welding process and ensures good welding effect.

WPS welding procedure control system is adopted in the equipment control system, which can pre store the welding procedure and avoid the welding quality defects caused by the operator's random adjustment of parameters. The welding power supply of the equipment is imported from Miller of America, which can complete the backing of butt weld with argon arc / RMD (gas shielded welding) and the filling and covering welding of gas shielded welding / submerged arc welding.

The automatic welding center adopts the structure of single welding head and double driving device. When welding the first pipe, the loading and unloading or grinding of the other pipe can be carried out at the same time, so as to reduce the idle time of the welding head and maximize the utilization rate of the welding head. The specific advantages of the combination mode of "single welding head and double driving" are as follows:

1) A single welding head is equivalent to two sets of drives. Therefore, generally, the welding head can work alternately between the two drives, and the welding and loading and unloading can be carried out simultaneously on the two drives respectively, so as to improve the arc burning time of the welding head.

2) When stainless steel is used, two sets of driving work alternately, which can also reduce the waste of welding head waiting for argon charging and cooling time between layers, and improve the arc burning time of welding head.

3) When the alloy steel is used, it can also reduce the time waste of the welding head due to factors such as waiting for preheating setting and temperature rise, and further improve the arc burning time of the welding head.

This station has the outstanding advantages of high welding efficiency, high welding quality, convenient operation and effectively reducing the labor intensity of workers.

The equipment needs one operator to operate, and can realize automatic backing, automatic filling and cover welding of pipes. The single shift of the equipment can reach the welding head capacity of 300di / shift.

Equipment specification

16 inch, 24 inch, 32 inch, 48 Inch, 60 inch.

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