Four Torch Pipe & Flange Welding Station
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Four Torch Pipe & Flange Welding Station

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This equipment is specially used for automatic welding of straight pipe and flange pipe. It adopts advanced PLC welding process control technology, combined with real-time automatic tracking system and PLC numerical control welding gun swing system design. It can carry out "four point joint welding" on the inner and outer ports of plug-in flange at both ends of straight pipe, and can also realize "single end one point", "single end two point" and "single end two point" according to different requirements“ Automatic welding requirements of various combination forms such as "two points at both ends".

The equipment is composed of near control and remote control dual-mode welding control system, PLC numerical control WPS welding expert program control system, PLC numerical control swing system, inner weld control system, outer weld control system, rack system and electrical control system.

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technical parameter

➤ suitable materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel;

➤ applicable pipe diameter range: φ 325mm - φ 900mm (pipe outer diameter);

➤ applicable pipe length range: 1000mm-18000mm;

➤ applicable workpiece form: straight pipe and plug flange;

➤ welding mode: welding torch swing, real-time tracking;

➤ control panel: PLC control system, touch screen control interface, hand-held control box operation, can store 40 sets of welding process parameters;

➤ welding wiggler: electronic control linear swing;

➤ drive system: CNC motor with precision reducer;

➤ maximum load: 10000kg;

➤ welding power source: American Miller XMT 450 MPa welding power source;

➤ welding process: MIG welding.