Variabe radius induction preheating device
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Variabe radius induction preheating device

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For the heating before welding, because the pipeline rotates around the axis under the condition of automatic welding, the traditional winding heating can not meet the requirements, so the variable radius induction preheater heating method is adopted to adapt to the preheating requirements of pipes with different diameters. The induction heater is not in direct contact with the pipeline, so as to ensure the welding of the weld while heating the pipeline. It avoids the problems of traditional heating cable winding weld, which need to pull out the cable for welding, unable to maintain the heating temperature continuously, and difficult to control the temperature between welding layers, and effectively avoids the quality problems.

The variable radius sensor has two specifications, which can adapt to different pipe diameters of 2-12 inch and 12-32 inch respectively. Each type of inductor is made of insulating material with certain strength, which can support the induction heating cable reel in the inductor and control the bending change of radius. The induction heating cable is connected with the extension cable through the special protective aviation plug, and forms a loop with the power supply to heat the workpiece. The structure design of variable radius induction heater is adopted, and the heating cable is installed on the variable radius heater, which greatly reduces the number of heating cables and has low cost. At the same time, the structure design of the variable radius induction heater saves a lot of labor and time for winding and dismantling the heating cable directly on the pipeline.

When the main engine power is satisfied, under some specific working conditions (such as group preheating, two weld preheating at the same time, etc.), one pull two mode can be realized to heat both sides of the weld or two weld joints at the same time.

The system can realize the whole process of heating curve digital recording, using industrial control touch screen, display 6 channels of real-time temperature curve and record and save. The working state of the device is saved in real time, and the USB interface reads the saved data.

This station is suitable for preheating pipes in power station, petroleum, chemical industry, shipbuilding and other industries. It is an efficient auxiliary equipment for pipe processing.

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