Post Welding Heating Treatment Device
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Post Welding Heating Treatment Device

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The pipeline medium frequency induction heat treatment system is a special heat treatment equipment specially developed for pipeline prefabrication by Nanjing NAEC Electric Co., Ltd. The system adopts the principle of medium frequency induction heating, which is specially used for the heat treatment of welding seam during automatic welding of pipeline. It is a special high-efficiency equipment to improve the heat treatment efficiency of pipeline welding and ensure the welding quality. It is an ideal heat treatment equipment for automatic welding of thick wall pipeline. In a certain working condition, it can also realize one pulling two mode, and carry out heat treatment for two welding junctions at the same time.

Equipment features

➤ high heating efficiency: the weld bead can be evenly heated to 100 ℃ in 10 minutes, and the maximum temperature can reach 788 ℃.

➤ low cost: a set of induction cable of the equipment can be used for multi specification pipes, which greatly reduces the number of heating cables and has low cost.

➤ high utilization rate of equipment: the equipment adopts the design of mobile tooling. After the completion of a circumferential seam heat treatment, the mobile platform can be manually pushed to the next station for heat treatment, which is convenient for transportation and high utilization rate of equipment.

➤ high safety: the equipment operation is completed on the ground, without open fire or heat radiation operation, effectively reducing the safety risk of operators.

➤ multiple control thermocouple input: the hottest thermocouple can be controlled during heating and the coldest thermocouple can be controlled during cold operation, so as to evenly heat and ensure the quality.

➤ insulation failure protection: when the power supply is short circuited, the system will be automatically cut off, and an induction line will directly feed back the failure state to the power supply.

➤ digital recording of the whole process of heating curve: industrial touch screen is used to display 6 channels of real-time temperature curve and record and save it. The working state of the device is saved in real time, the special heat treatment software is built in, and the saved data is read by USB interface.

➤ high efficiency heating technology: if the medium frequency induction heating technology is adopted, 90% heat energy conversion rate can be obtained, more power can be formed systematically, and the welding heating needs of large horizontal cylinder can be realized.

➤ water cooling technology: water cooling technology is adopted for heat treatment induction cable, which effectively ensures the service life of cable, heat treatment efficiency and heating uniformity.

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