Hydraulic Jacking System
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Hydraulic Jacking System

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The complete set of hydraulic lifting device for storage tank is a special process engineering equipment developed by Nanjing NACE Electric Co., Ltd. with years of design experience and combined with the actual site use of customers, which is used for inverted welding of steel storage tank. With advanced technology and innovative use of advanced modular design concept, the device is easy to install, easy to operate and reliable in quality. In practical application, the jacking height can be adjusted separately (single group or single set), or multiple groups can be used for centralized control. It is suitable for welding of small, medium and large steel tanks. The hydraulic lifting equipment of this series of storage tanks adopts the mode of "one driving five" module. Namely: 1 hydraulic pump station, connected with 5 hydraulic cylinders, controlled by two control cabinets. In the engineering application, according to the lifting load, the matching multiple modules are determined, and the hydraulic cylinders are evenly distributed in the tank; the disadvantages of traditional centralized oil supply, such as too many oil pipes and many oil leakage points, are avoided, so as to minimize the environmental pollution and improve the welding quality. The operation is simple, the tank lifting is safe and stable, and the synchronous effect is good. It can be cross operated with the tank automatic welding machine.

The lifting equipment of this type of equipment is a single acting two-stage hydraulic cylinder (hydraulic jack), which is used for vertical take-off and landing. The return journey needs external force or self weight to return.

The complete set of hydraulic lifting device for storage tank has strict and compact structure, safe and stable, simple operation, adjustable load, fast installation and high synchronization precision. Modular design of equipment, good compatibility between modular units, can meet the construction of different sizes of steel storage tank inverted process, without complex auxiliary pillars, can greatly save the customer's tooling cost.

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technical parameter

➤ working pressure of hydraulic system: 20MPa (adjustable), maximum 25MPa;

➤ cylinder stroke: 2800 mm / 3200 mm;

➤ single rated load: 18t;

➤ single maximum bearing capacity: 25t;

➤ flow rate of main pump of hydraulic system: 15L / min;

➤ hydraulic pump motor parameters:

➤ power: 5.5kW;

➤ speed: 1500rpm / min;

➤ transmission medium recommended for hydraulic system: yb-n45 anti-wear hydraulic oil;

➤ requirements for normal working cleanliness of oil: nas11 (nas1683 standard);

➤ normal working oil temperature range of the system: 25 ℃ ~ 65 ℃.