Automatic grinding/gouging machine
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Automatic grinding/gouging machine

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Weld reinforcement grinder Nanjing NAEC Electric Co., Ltd. is a kind of automatic grinding equipment with independent intellectual property rights, which is developed and produced based on many years of on-site tank construction experience and combined with tank construction requirements and characteristics. The machine is mainly used in the construction of transverse girth weld of 1600mm-4500mm large storage tank. The whole set of equipment is mainly composed of walking frame, grinding head and control box. During the construction, the upper edge of the wall panel or the lower installation track is used as the track, and the walking speed of the rack is adjusted to the speed required by the construction through the speed regulating controller, which is the speed of grinding the weld.

The polishing head is mainly composed of support, grinding wheel, driving wheel, tensioning mechanism, motor, etc. it is used to grind the welding seam of flat plate splicing and the transverse welding seam of inner wall of large diameter cylinder. The grinding angle can be adjusted by connecting the head support and the connecting plate of the slide plate. Some holes are drilled on the connecting plate. Through the combination of different holes, four angles of 0 °, 15 °, 30 ° and 45 ° can be formed between the abrasive belt of the grinding head and the weld. The components with special inclination angle can also be customized according to customers' requirements.

The machine is compact in structure, easy to use, safe and reliable, widely applicable and easy to maintain. It is an ideal equipment for polishing and grinding welds.

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technical parameter

➤ applicable to vertical cylindrical tanks with diameter over 9m;

➤ applicable materials: carbon steel, high strength steel, stainless steel, etc;

➤ sand belt specification: 2200 × 50mm × k87x;

➤ sand belt size: 60 # ~ 180 # (selected);

➤ belt speed: 32m / S;

➤ weld width before grinding: ≤ 30mm;

➤ surface roughness before and after grinding: RA ≤ 3.2um;

➤ drive motor model power: 0.55kw;

➤ grinding motor power: 4kw;

➤ maximum walking speed: 2200mm / min;

➤ operation noise: ≤ 70dB.

Equipment model: inverted weld reinforcement grinder, normal weld reinforcement grinder, normal / inverted dual-purpose weld reinforcement grinder, etc.