Plate Sutting Machine
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Plate Sutting Machine

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Nanjing NAEC Electric Co., Ltd. supplies auto FCM gantry CNC plasma flame cutting machine, which is an advanced and efficient cutting equipment developed and promoted based on many years of industry experience. It is widely used in pressure vessel, boiler, shipbuilding, electric power, chemical industry and machinery industry. It has the advantages of high product quality, low rework rate and reducing labor intensity. It is a new type of equipment for rapid cutting of plates.

The equipment consists of main body, numerical control system, transverse transmission system, numerical control cutting torch lifter, driving system, nesting software, etc. The numerical control system adopts the flame cutting system developed by Beijing Star micro step control technology Co., Ltd., the host adopts high-performance 32-bit industrial computer, fully enclosed touch operated keyboard and machine tool strong current interface. The system has the characteristics of high reliability, high precision, low noise and easy operation. Users can also upgrade the software at any time.

The features of the system are as follows

➤ 10.4-inch VGA color LCD;

➤ special CNC cutting machine system, user memory 32-64m;

➤ the software upgrade is simple. After downloading the relevant design system from the Internet, you can upgrade it directly with USB flash disk;

➤ standard G code programming, including 24 kinds of graphics (extensible and user-defined) parts library, including common basic processing parts;

➤ friendly man-machine interface, Chinese graphic menu, easy to operate;

➤ the panel membrane keyboard adopts imported micro switch, which has good handle and long service life;

➤ it can provide users with a variety of control modes, such as manual, automatic, theoretical trajectory, diagnosis, editing, parameter and other modes, which is easy to operate;

➤ it has the function of dynamic graphics processing track tracking, and provides a variety of auxiliary M code functions, which can be formulated and used by customers;

➤ it has the original track return function, cutting breakpoint maintenance function and breakpoint data protection function;

➤ USB interface, standard RS232 interface and standard keyboard interface are configured;

➤ dynamic compensation of slotting tool can be realized.

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