Circumferential seam welding machine
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Circumferential seam welding machine

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The outer ring seam automatic welding machine meets the welding requirements of various welding methods of different workpieces by lifting, telescopic and walking of the cross arm. The device can be combined with the welding roller frame to form an automatic welding center, which is suitable for automatic welding of the outer ring seam of the cylindrical metal structural member, which greatly improves the welding quality and the welding work efficiency. The equipment moves along the track and consists of a trolley, a column, an electric telescopic arm, a welding power source, a wire feeding system, a swing welding torch system, and an electrical control system. The automatic welding system used in this set of work consists of the US Miller SubArc DC1250 multi-function welding power supply, RAD400 wire feeder, HDC1500DX digital welding program control box and other key configurations to form a thick wire submerged arc welding system.

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➤ structure type: electric walking;

➤ cross arm effective telescopic stroke: 3000mm-5000mm;

➤ cross arm telescopic feed rate: 176-1760mm / min;

➤ cross arm effective lifting stroke: 3000mm-7000mm;

➤ cross arm lifting speed: 1040mm / min;

➤ cross arm telescopic transmission: gear rack and pinion;

➤ cross arm lifting drive: sprocket chain pair;

➤ power supply: 380V-3P-50Hz;

➤ trolley walking speed: 3000mm/min (no-load return);

➤ trolley track length: ≤ 20 meters, can be customized according to the station;

➤ welding power supply model: Sub Arc DC 1250;

➤ welding power supply rated output: 1000A: 44V, 100% duty cycle;

➤ welding power supply characteristics: constant current / constant voltage;

➤ welding power output current: 100 ~ 1250A;

➤ welding power supply output voltage: 10 ~ 60V;

➤ welding power supply maximum no-load voltage: 71VDC;

➤ Roller frame form: adjustable welding roller frame, one master and one slave;

➤ Roller frame maximum load: 100T;

➤ Roller frame is suitable for the workpiece range: Φ500-Φ5500mm;

➤ wheel speed control mode: variable frequency stepless speed regulation.