Welding rotator
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Welding rotator

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The welding rotator produced by Nanjing Auto Electric Co., Ltd. is widely used in automatic welding or grinding of internal and external longitudinal/circumferential seam of components in boiler, pressure vessel, petroleum, chemical, machinery and other manufacturing industries. It has advanced structure, complete functions and convenient operation, which plays a reliable role in improving product quality. Welding rotator is mainly composed of driving type rotator, idler type rotator and electric control system. The driving rotator drives two reducers respectively by two AC variable frequency motors, and the output end of the reducer is driven by one-stage open transition gear pair, so as to realize the driving of rollers. In the form of open transition gear pair, the reducer is installed behind the roller, which can reduce the distance between the roller surface and the outer edge of the bearing holder, so as to effectively avoid the rotation of the pipe connecting the workpiece. The idler type rotator adopts double lifting device, which can easily adjust shell position. The jacking is realized by worm gear lift, which is convenient to operate, safe and reliable. Reliable limit and limit protection devices are set at the end of each movement mechanism to prevent the movement mechanism from being damaged. Welding rotator can be divided into adjustable ritator and self-adjusting rotator.

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Loading capacity: 15T,30T,50T,100T, 300T,800T,1200T,etc.

Instantaneous overload capacity: 75%

Diameter range of workpiece: φ 750-φ 12000mm;

Roller linear speed: 100-1000mm/min;

Speed regulation mode: AC variable frequency stepless speed regulation;

Roller material: 45 forging (surface hardness HRC35-39);

Anti channeling form: Double jacking type;

Anti channeling control mode: manual control;

Idler roller lifting stroke: ±30mm;

Jacking speed: 40mm/min;

Driving type: Driving-roller 4-roller dirve

Length of control line: 30m;

Equipment specifications: 15T, 30T 50T, 100T, 300T, 800T, 1200T, etc., which can be customized according to customer requirements.